HRM Plan

Outline a vision for Wonjin, with each department taking responsibility for a specific mission to help reach it. Our goals are based on the performance of individuals as well as the interdependence of departments.
Incentives depend on achieving goals, which help establish criteria for further long-term organizational development.


Company-wide Practice

Our system is based on achieving the goals of the organization by achieving your personal goals.
To do so, we report all actions to confirm the implementation of goals.


Midterm Eevaluation

The resultant output from implementation is discussed with respect to whether or not the goals have been achieved.
The effect of environmental factors are analyzed to prepare appropriate incentives.We adjust our goals to correspond with and improve on present results. This brings us as close to our target as possible.



Reviewing our processes and restructuring our vision strengthens competition.
Thus providing the reconstructed process allows to prepare another plan .