Vision & Organization

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Finance team
: To select the correct management of the company in managing our finance team is Understand the nature of cash flow, and cash flow analysis adjustable. Observe the proper singoil regularly to manage the accounting program management, payroll management, cashier management, tax management, cost management. We also continue to support the work countries bids marketplace.

HR secretary team
: My HR manager / secretary team and all employees are sympathetic to creating an open climate that can be objectively verified.  Personnel are deployed to train at the right, talented place.  Also a fair and transparent evaluation system has been established to induce an incentive compensation system in conjunction with helping performance.  Other goals have been to improve the welfare system and better working conditions, and increase employee commitment, and provide a path to long-term employment with a variety of motivations. The HR team has also sought to maximize the value of fixed assets as a thorough real estate and facilities management company.

Quality Management
: Our product management team performs maintenance and inspection according to medium KS for preservation and improvement of quality. KS F 3117 (windows set) and KS D 6759 (for aluminum and aluminum alloy extruded shapes) ensure systematically maintenance of quality materials management, process management, product quality control, manufacturing facilities management, equipment management, inspection, and standard indicators. We are focused on improving the quality of management.

Special management
:Our conduct management and restaurant management teams specialize in managing the corporate vehicle.